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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NOW...they are embarrassed to talk "bathroom talk."

So I have been checking in with the kids asking them about their bathroom time and their consistency and level of difficulty or ease of going #2 and they are acting so embarrassed to share!  Yet at the dinner table or every other second of the day I can't get them to STOP talking "bathroom talk," sheesh, you'd think they'd be excited to actually have PERMISSION to talk bathroom talk hahaha!

Well I am super excited to have so much more energy! And the famished feeling I was feeling for the first 5-7 days has finally vanished, now I don't even crave breads or sweets! I can't believe it! It's kinda like when God frees you from a wrong thinking pattern and after a few weeks or so, suddenly you realize..."IT'S GONE!" Oh my gosh that feeling that was all too familiar I just grew comfortable with, is actually gone, really gone! I am free! :)  
I was so unaware of how much lack I was living with. I thought maybe it was just still recovery from birth and lack of sleep (which of course played a part) but looking back I have always tired so quickly when standing stationary for too long, even cooking a full meal, or when I used to wait tables, I was soooo stinkin exhausted by the end of the night! Basically I am a high carb girl but I was getting it from the wrong sources, breads, sweets, grains, chips, crackers etc...WHEN in fact I should have been eating more veggies and proteins to fill me and carbs as the side dish or side thought. I am one that basically used meat as a seasoning hehe.  Oh and the pain in my neck and shoulders has MAJORLY subsided, I didn't realize I was carrying so much buildup of toxins in my muscles and shoulders and neck was where they would try to escape the most. :) God really is so amazing how He made us.  

Annnnnd... I have noticed those areas that like to collect cellulite, have started to shift considerably! Yes I did have cellulite! Yippee, now to work on the muscle gain. 

Ian's crocodile skin has started to clear up considerably! He always had really bumpy rough skin on his lower legs and arms, and it's majorly changing.  Ian even said one day: "This diet is really changing me, I cleaned our room really good and I actually liked it!"

It was a costume party in case you didn't figure that out :)
Joel is peeing a lot more! I know it sounds funny, but I realize it's his body ridding itself of toxins and he is eating really well, trying things he never would have tried before. He even enjoyed the eggplant!  Joel is asking at the store, "Can I buy this? It's organic Mom." 

Daniel loves the peanut butter banana pancakes they have saved him from the eggs. :)  I am hoping to see this change in lifestyle help strengthen his teeth.  Unfortunately I have passed on my weak teeth to my son :(  But I am praying and believing for that to change. :)

We had our FIRST SPLURGE. It was for Tyler's (cousin) 18th b'day and graduation party.  The cool thing was my sister Autumn made so many delicious homemade appetizers that weren't far from our gaps diet needs! But the ice cream sundaes were our major splurge.  I found it very exciting to see that I could taste how overly sweet it was and didn't even desire seconds, that is except for her DIVINE homemade caramel sauce!!! Oh and I actually didn't even want the pasta covering on the ravioli and didn't want the white bread with the bruschetta, I just wanted the tomatoes and sauce! I was amazed! Annnnnnnd I found it easier to recognize when I was full and I wasn't even tempted to over eat as usual when there is so much good food.
My lovely sister Autumn and her 18 year old son!!! My little nephew!

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