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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And they ate eggs until they came out of their ears...

Did you see the movie "Flipped"? That's exactly what I feel like right now doing this GAPS diet, cuz one easy quick protein is EGGS! Eggs! EGGS! So yeah, I thought we had tried them every way you can possibly make an egg...BUT I was wrong.

These are for juicing, we add a tsp of coconut oil (organic, COLD pressed) to help with absorption into the body, the fat helps the body suck it up better :) or a fish oil capsule (not sure if that one helps yet, but it seemed good haha)

 These puppies excited me sooooo much! These are banana peanut butter pancakes with NO FLOUR!! (we can't eat grains yet) These actually even got a little fluffy and had an awesome tender fluffy texture, I was stoked. OH were the kids rejoicing this morning, JOY was restored to the Kalashnikov stead. hehehe

I found the pancakes yesterday while dying to try something new that was legal for this SOUP, SOUP, and more SOUP diet. This ladie's website is so helpful it's called kids and scd.  We are supposed to eat soup at least once a day because of the very nourishing needed vitamins that come from the homemade broths. Also a cultured vegetable, or juice from them with every meal. So our main staple has been sauerkraut. I actually love it with a lot of things. It went especially well with the boiled meatballs we had last night (I know boiled just sounds wrong, but they are quite delicious-I do prefer oven, but once again getting that broth in somehow).
This is a newly started batch of sauerkraut

So the day before yesterday was major meltdown day.  I came in the kitchen the location of my new full time job I got hired for, oh wait I don't get paid, well my new volunteer job haha.  I am AMAZED at how much time I have to spend in the kitchen now with all the prep; few ingredients, LOTS of prep! Chopping, soaking, dehydrating, crushing, juicing, roasting, blending, wiping, washing, sweeping, washing, break for nursing, washing, oh and did I mention WASHING!
I was pumping milk and Abi grabbed the hose right from the bottle and started sucking, I guess that was her way of saying hurry up!

Anyway....I came into the kitchen and saw my horrendous kitchen looking the way it does everyday now after one meal, and I just wanted to scream, so instead I slammed a cupboard and yelled, "Can't I have one clean day!? One stinkin clean day, just one!" Oh did it feel good to slam that cupboard, so I did it again, and another one and pheww, that felt gooooood!  So then I gave up went into the living room and almost started yelling again, I wanted to blame someone and there sat Daniel, innocently on the couch, (who had, by the way, just put on some MUCH NEEDED worship music for Mama on his own initiative). I slightly raised my voice, "Daniel don't you hate a messy house!? " 
"Yes," he hesitantly agreed
"Then why don't you freakin pick something up when you see it laying on the floor!??" Yes I said, "freakin," it tends to be ALL of our new frustration word, I don't love it but it sure helps emphasize the frustration.  Then I just plopped down on the floor on my stomach and started to cry.  "Lord I know I am being ridiculous what is going on?"  As the amazingly perfect song is playing in the background, "Oh How He loves us, how he loves us so," I smile inside thinking of Daniel and his tender heart always wanting to bring peace. I sob and sob and sob some more, the bubbly snot kind. As I cry I feel all the pressures rising to the surface immediately being passed into the arms of the Father, thoughts and pressures from circumstances of a week ago rise to the surface and are released to my Savior, tears are flowing, I think of my frustration of my milk flow, more tears, more release, I forgive a person AGAIN, more release, suddenly my cries are turning to groans and yelling into a pillow, this is all happening in the middle of my living room floor, while my adorable Daniel and Joel are silently and stealthily tidying up the living room, I am giggling inside at the thought, hoping they aren't thinking this only has to do with a messy living room.  Suddenly it all turns to laughter and I remember the movie I just watched, which was surprisingly cute and meaningful "1000 Words," with Eddie Murphy. And I remember the part where this cheesy guru says: "yes, let it all out, you know tears and laughter are very close cousins (or something like that) I laugh some more. Now I am laughing deep refreshing exhilarating laughter and I feel soooooo much lighter. I feel the love of the Lord so deeply and I feel so LIGHT. 
Thank you Father, you always know exactly what I need and what is really going on behind my meltdowns.  Thank you for loving me and having so much patience with me in the midst of life, and being a mom and a house cleaner and a kitchen cleaner etc... I couldn't do this without you, I need you more than ever before I need you more. This destiny of mine is far greater than I ever imagined and I am literally living it out today one day at a time, in my kitchen.
I am so content. :)

P.S. I talked to Daniel and Joel about my process and explained it wasn't just cuz of the messy house :) I also thanked them thoroughly for cleaning up so well. :)

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