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Thursday, January 2, 2014

You are NOT alone in this world

I painted many pictures in 2006-2008 and this one was representing the tears of Father God over the aborted babies through out the years.  My heart is to put these in a children's book someday speaking to children of their call in life, their inheritance, and living in the fulness of God's glory on this earth...


Anyway I haven't finished all the paintings, but I  rotate displaying them on our easel in the kitchen and a few days ago as I was looking at this one, I felt the Lord really highlighting the womb.

I feel that in this year we are going to see a lot of "babies" born, and I am not only speaking in the natural.  I have already been experiencing the Lord answering prayers and the breaking into of promises.  Also that He is taking a lot of us deeper into complete healing and wholeness. Not just outward, not just spiritual, but ALL AROUND wholeness.  It's strange how we can go so long partially living.   Either I have been too spiritual, not even considering the physical, then too physical thinking or hoping that something in reality could fulfill my spiritual longing.  But those donuts just don't quite cut it, when it come to the in-satiating hunger of my spirit, longing for the depths of God's love.  I am also SUPER excited to see the Holy Spirit literally leading people back to times in the WOMB where lies were believed and false identities were shoved upon them.  His powerful truth penetrates the lies and new bridges of truth are replaced into the brain, even new molds are formed to take in the new found truths.  I love my God He is so incredible!!  I also believe it's a time of being real, allowing others in IN THE MIDST of hard times, struggles, temptations, addictions, deceptions, not waiting until these things are overcome on our own, but welcoming in the troops (family, friends, church family) to stand with us, and sometimes for us. WE ARE NOT ALONE.

I literally was taken back, in a time of ministry, to a clear picture of myself in the womb.  I was that tiny little fetus and I felt rejected. I could feel the symptoms in my spirit, and for some reason I thought I wasn't welcomed. It turns out in reality at that time my Mother, who completely loved me and was joyful to be carrying her 4th child, DID NOT want to be in labor that day, she even fought the labor as it's intensity gripped her body.  She ended up hemorrhaging afterwards because of not wanting it to be happening, and not working WITH her body, but against it.  The Lord revealed to her what had happened and she repented for not partnering with His timing and agreeing with what her body was telling her.  So I as this little newborn came out FIGHTING! I literally could feel the the emotions as the Lord showed me that time (because I couldn't remember it on my own as newborn) and I felt that I needed to PROVE I was worth being present, and I was coming "whether you like it or not." So I broke agreement with the lie that I always need to fight for my place, for my voice, for my worth...and then for the exciting part I asked Father God what He thought of me in the womb.  I immediately saw me in the womb but separate from teh body, just round and surrounded floating inside, and the Lord was so delighted in me he was showing me off,  and this is the funny part he was spinning me around on His fingertip like a basketball, so excited for my arrival!!  That day I got set free from rejection, it was AMAZING!

I really love this song, I can hear the Lord's heart in it. (disclaimer, I don't know a ton about any of his work or if he's a clean DJ, but this song is beautiful and from the heart)

"I Am your shadow"

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