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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We need eachother. I love my family!

Daniel is a great big brother, so full of compassion and patience. He is also trying to test out some boundaries of attitude, I think it's the age. But we are just nippin it in the bud before it turns ugly.;) He was wrestling in the pool with Ian and he got hurt a little, and then replied, looking at me, "Mom I guess I am just not a fighter, I am a dancer...a breakdancer!" I laughed and said, "Well it's good you know who you are."

Our little Joel so full of LIFE (wonder why??!:) He is always adding some new joy to everything we do. He loves water, I don't know many babies who don't. He loves dirt more than any of my other two, he is stuffing flowers, rocks, dirt, mud clumps, anything in, we are always having to tell him to spit stuff out. I just let him suck on the big rocks though, he's gotta experience some stuff right.

Susans 21st Birthday! We had a blast, she did an amazing job planning it all and just going for it. She did this whole formal Hollywood theme, the safetly pins on my dress were for a game. We even made a 20 minute video for the premiere showing that night. It was an amazing growing process. I love that precious girl, oops I mean woman!;) (My huz looked so hot!:)

My beautiful roses, thanks to our landlords, they used to live in this house and planted all these beautiful flowers and plants everywhere.

Seth (my brother) comes over on Tuesdays and Thursdays to hang out with us and my boys just love those days! They love their uncel Seth! He is exhausted here, cuz Mom had him get up early so she could vote before dropping him off.


Ian being Ian! He is learning to read, I am so proud of him, only 4 and just so wanted to learn.

Monday, I was feeling really down
, a heavy cloud was over me the minute I woke up? I rarely feel that way, but I have noticed something different for the last week or 2? So I was trying to handle it on my own going to the Lord for my regular quiet time in the morning, but I just wasn't feeling ANYTHING! And I wasn't feeling any better. I went to call someone to pray with me and they weren't answering, I called someone else still no answer. I thought, OK I will go to Ruslan (I didn't want to add anything to his work load that day-but I couldn't shake it). It was so awesome, God was able to give such clarity to Ruslan, he just named the issues exactly and prayed with me as I repented for taking on control once again, and I felt 100% better, it was incredible! It was so tricky too, when I am trying to be in control, it feels like nothing I do helps, and I have no answers, because I keep thinking it's up to me! Duh! But it is such a subtle trap too. So once again "OUT OF CONTROL AND LOVING IT!"

Anyway, I am just enjoying being me and loving on my family, and trying things that I desire, just cuz I want to. :) I feel God's pleasure in that. Danny Silk mentioned last night that we need to "dream big and write small" meaning, we should dream big and think of the bigger picture who we want to effect, what difference we want to make, what plans we have, but we have to be able to narrow it down so that we actually accomplish it. We have to be able (if writing) be able to get someone else into our head and know exactly what we are saying and feeling. It just really encouraged me, to remember how to think practically alongside of being a visionary, which can be so exhausting sometimes.

I decided to just post some photos in the week of the Kalashnikovs. This was a busy week, as usual I suppose. :) Pictures tell 1000 words, I absolutely love photos. I am still trying to figure out if there is any other purpose than just that I love taking photos and to tell a story through them.

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