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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Wastefulness of Grace

I don't even know what that means yet, "wastefulness of grace??" I do see it's something I long to know! I am excited because I feel the Holy Spirit wanting to show me too.

Probably for the last 5 or 6 years of my life I have felt so adamant about NOT WASTING TIME! I get so irritated to see Ruslan play DUMB computer games for so many hours, or people watching youtube for hours and hours, or myspace, or someone watching movie after movie after movie. I always think of everything they could be doing that would be so much more productive or edifying etc...

I know there is some truth in it, but I also see there is some fear in it as well, not wanting to miss out on something important. Not wanting people to waste their lives and waking up sometime down the road when it's too late!"

But I see the Holy Spirit speaking softly to me that, "It's OK, I don't need to fear, I don't need to control other people's experiences, I can trust Him
to reveal truth to other people." If I can't encourage and speak in love and truth then I don't want to be telling people or myself what I "should" be doing. I am beginning to see that the Lord is not afraid of me missing something, He is big enough to get my attention. He knows my heart is to do whatever He asks, to be a part of all that He is doing. I am so hungry for more of HIM!

He told me that if He could get ahold of Saul
(Paul) who was knocked off his horse and blinded by the presence of God, not even seeking God or wanting anything to do with God! Then how much more can He reveal to me what He is doing and saying, I won't miss it! He told me to just enjoy my life to go after my desires (that He put in me); to enjoy my family, friends; my relationship with Him, and he will guide me and speak to me. I am supposed to enjoy the waves of God and ride with ease and if need be, He will bring me back to land as well.

Some Happenings this last week

Mama Luba's 57th Birthday (Sacramento) Our friends Dima and Yuliya

The power of support and friendship!

This was a "We love the Duncans" gathering. Jeff Duncan has Lou gehrigs disease and there were atleast 70-90 people who came from all over, even out of town, to pray and love on the Duncans. We are believing for his healing.

Laura and Jeff Duncan (next posting of them will be him walking!) Such a strong woman of support and love, Laura.

Ruslan's Birthday Today, 33 years old!

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