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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Women we are getting a 2nd chance! It's not too late!
A few weeks ago, the year 1975, was highlighted to me 3 times in one day. So I decided to look up things that happened in 1975 in the world, as I started to read through events, certain events stood out to me like a soldier when a general enters the room (Kris Valloton), and I began to write them down.  The more I began to write the more excited I became! I could see a theme here. I feel like the Lord is giving women a 2nd chance.  Not that He ever gives up on us, but I feel like a national call to women is going out from the Father of Lights.  In 1975 He tried to release a powerful movement of women, but for the most part the Devil got in and stole and perverted the call. Instead of women rising up in their identity in Christ and walking in the purity and powerfulness of their destiny; they began to try and stand on their own, apart from God, apart from men, they decided that we are indestructible and we don’t NEED ANYONE!  What God truly wanted was for the women to recognize their glory IN the Lord, He wanted us to shine with HIS glory, not our own strength. 
So NOW IS THE TIME, for women to come to the Father, and lay down our “all powerful” prideful ways and cry out for help, and embrace the design that God created: our need for relationship, our need for Him,  recognizing the power of a covering and submission out of love and intimacy, the embracing of accountability, the stability of trusting others.

I say I AM IN! Yes God more! More! More! I need more of You! I can’t do it on my own.

(The events from 1975 are in black, the revelation I received is in orange- there were so many names that stood out and each time I looked up the meaning, I was so amazed!)

Feb 2nd - US female Figure Skating championship won by Dorothy Hamill
Dorothy is Gift Of God
Barry Manilow's "Mandy" goes gold     Mandy is Loveable; a message was being sent to tell women that they were, LOVEABLE.
Jan 1st - International Women's Year begins OF COURSE! J
The Gypsy closes  
(gypsy -an independent, inclination to move from place to place) The gypsy, loner, independent thinking must END!
Space mountain opened –going high with God!
Jan 24th - Fastest Earth-bound object, 7200 kph, in vacuum centrifuge, England
Heaven kissing earth
Feb 11th - Margaret Thatcher defeats Edward Heath for Conservative leadership
Feb 20th - Margaret Thatcher elected leader of British Conservative Party
Women taking leadership was beginning in new levels
Mar 1st - Eagles' "Best of My Love" reaches #1
(Eagles- prophetic statement) God was wanting to give the BEST OF HIS LOVE, and IS wanting to now!
Mar 3rd - "Goodtime Charley" opens at Palace Theater NYC for 104 performances (A musical about Joan of Arc) A very brave and powerful woman who stood for her convictions
Mar 17th - Valeri Muratov skates world record 1000m (1:16.92)
Valerie means strength. God made women to be strong, but not to take the place of men, not to be strong LIKE men, we have a different strength which will only be unveiled when in the perfect balance, birthed from a place of identity in Christ, love, value, honor, interdependence and has the covering of a man or a church body, or a strong team of support, NOT ALONE
Mar 19th - Penn is the 1st state to allow girls to compete with boys in HS sports
I believe this is some of the beginnings of the enemie’s plan to make women think they were to be like men, instead of valuing a man’s place and a man’s strength, not valuing their place as a woman, it’s not supposed to look like a man or to COMPETE with men, we are to come alongside men to build up men, to let men be a strength to us in healthy ways they were created to be
Mar 22nd - "Letter for Queen Victoria" opens at ANTA Theater NYC
 Victoria-winner conquerer  WOW!
Apr 8th - 47th Academy Awards - "Godfather II,"
God wants to reveal Himself as Father to His daughters
Apr 12th - Linda Ronstadt releases "When Will I Be Loved" 
Linda means Pretty One.  Already, because of this misunderstanding of women “taking their place” they are beginning to feel alone and not loved
Apr 18th - John Lennon releases "Stand by Me"
I hear the man’s cry and the woman’s cry in this song WE NEED EACH OTHER
Apr 27th - Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Charity Golf Classic
Sandra means defender of the people   We are called to be nurturers, God put it in our DNA
May 3rd - Christa Vahlensieck runs female world record marathon (2:40:15.8) Christa means Christ-Bearer!  We are to be running with Christ not from Him
May 4th - Ed Bullins' "Taking of Miss Jane," premieres in NYC
 Jane means God Is Gracious.     There has been a HUGE misconception of God being gracious. The enemy has really painted a sick picture of God as a mean, merciless, domineering, tyrant, that women shouldn’t trust
May 4th - Maria Astrologes wins LPGA Birmingham Golf Classic
Maria means,Of The Sea Or Bitter.   There has definitely been MUCH bitterness sown in the hearts of women in this deception of them taking on the world alone
May 6th Bundy (a serial killer) victim Lynette Culver disappears from Pocatello, Idaho
Lynette means Pretty One.   Even in the natural “Pretty One” was targeted and violated, as it has been the plan of the enemy since the beginning of time. Thus far and NO MORE! Women we must recognize the plan of the enemy and stand in the opposite and stop agreeing with the lies.  We were created to walk in the fullness of our beauty inside and out. You are beautiful you are valuable, you are loved, you and not to be ashamed.
May 16th - Japanese Junko Tabei became 1st woman to reach Mt Everest's summit
Junko means Obedient, Genuine, Pure (YES GOD!)
We are to ascend the Mountain of God not our own mountain, God is beckoning us to come to him, He is wooing us to Himself.
May 16th - Wings release "Listen to What the Man Said" in UK
Our wings will be released when we learn to honor our men our leaders and listen to what they say we need their input. We are not to do it on our own.
May 17th - NBC paid $5M for rights to show "Gone with the Wind" one time
Taken into His presence, a deeper move of the Holy Spirit, encounters
May 19th - 27th Emmy Awards: Mary Tyler Moore Show, Robert Blake & Jean
Mary means of the sea or bitter
If we don’t become like Mary who was at Jesus Feet in the Bible, we will become bitter and empty inside. We don’t have enough love to meet the needs and demands of life, we must receive from Jesus’ love and we must give from our overflow

Jun 14th - Janis Ian releases "At 17"
Janis means God Is Gracious
Jun 15th - Carol Mann wins Lawson's LPGA Golf Classic
(Carol is a form of Charles) Charles means Free Man
Women be free! Free from your own deception, free from your own strength, trust in His strength trust. trust. trust.

As I was pondering all of this I also heard Doug Addison mention that the 70’s was the last revival in the US and the Christians judged it and didn’t like all the hippies and all the messiness of the move of God, so it sort of fizzled out eventually.  Father we welcome you back, we welcome your move no matter what it looks like!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I found God in my house!

My latest fun painting, I really enjoyed painting this, the butterflies are stickers :) It's sitting in my kitchen right now and it makes me so happy!
A few days ago Ian came in and said, "I'm bored Mama, what can I do?" I replied, "Did you have your time with God today?"
", yeah, I'll go do that now."
"I want you to go ahead and have some worship with Joel and help him practice worshiping and listening to God too."
They were excited but they wanted the door closed to the kitchen because they didn't want me to be "spying on them."

Fifteen minutes later, Ian came in all excited flashing an adorable Ian grin, and said he wanted to share about what he had seen.  He told me he saw Neptune on a lion in the sky.  I didn't even know who neptune was, but Ian did of course (he loves facts!).  So I asked him what he thought it meant, and he wasn't sure. I encouraged him to go and ask God what it meant.  He ran off with Joel on his tail.  Again he returned and said he saw a random person looking something up on wikipedia (I love how specificially God speaks to children)!  I told him that sometimes when I feel like Jesus is showing me something, I look up some of the things on wikipedia to let the natural speak of the invisible. He ran off all excited to see what he might find.  He returned a little disappointed, "There's so much about Neptune in the Roman mythology."
Well honey, how I do it is, I just read until something interesting stands out to me.
He ran off.
He came back all smiles, "Well the thing that stood out to me, was "the marriage of Heaven and earth."
I told him he should definitely write down what the Lord shows him so that he remembers how much God talks to him. He agreed.
Now I was even more excited!

So as I have been pondering this cool vision that Ian got, I have thought a lot about  how for so many years I had a tendency to separate the natural things from the spiritual things, only in the last couple years I have started seeing it from God's perspective. I had this wrong picture of being a Christian which separated me from the world in a more critical sense. Also things like separating "boring life things" from "exciting Spiritual things." I really didn't know that it was all related if I was a Christian.  I sort of passed up scriptures like:

1 Cor. 10:31 "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it ALL for the glory of God."

Romans 1:20
 "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. "

I knew that I was supposed to have quiet times with the Lord and I wanted to have quiet times, I did enjoy them.  But I started to notice that I would feel guilty if I didn't get a chance to have a "quiet time" and then I would feel like I was failing as a Christian and wasn't putting God first etc...the more I thought about it the more I realized somehow I was separating my life from God. By compartmentalizing Him, He was at Church, in my quiet times,  in my prayer time with the kids, in my intercession get the point.

Now many years later, getting set free from a religious spirit (testimony to come someday :)). I have really seen that tendency in many lives of others as well, and I want to help people see that it doesn't have to be that way. I was extremely blessed by a teaching "Precious Vs. Important" that Jason Hague recently shared at our Church, Christ's Center. He is very eloquent at presenting concepts and revelations in such a clear concise way.  I was so excited to to hear God bringing this revelation to others as well.
I have been trying to be more intentional in focusing in and fully being where I am, when I am doing what I am doing, whether it's laundry, dishes, prayer, reading, computer time, worship or whatever. I intentionally take a moment to thank the Holy Spirit for being with me, for making anything I do become so much more life giving and enjoyable.  I so quickly feel His sweet presence as I take a moment in whatever I am doing to fully embrace His presence.  I also find that I recognize a lot more ways that God speaks to me, and I am not so afraid of reading into symbolism, or embracing the simple ways He truly can reveal things to me, it's super exciting.  I feel so much more free in my relationship to God and see so much clearer, as He has been teaching me to embrace my present, and not always be thinking about the future, or my "destiny," or feeling like I failed in the past.  I am living my destiny and I am enjoying knowing that I am not missing out on "more important things."  God knew a huge season of my life would be raising my children and being a wife, and He also knows all the things He put inside of me that might come after my season of "Mama," but it doesn't mean I have to wait to let out all this passion burning inside of me, I do it at home all the time with my kids, with my husband, with my neighbors, in the grocery store, at the movies, EVERYWHERE!

I was so tickled when one of my dreams came true in 2008 and we would be moving to Redding, Ca, to attend Bethel church!  I was super excited to be involved in such an incredible move of God and I imagined I would want to be at every meeting and trying out everything they offered.  My husband even had to make sure that I understood I still had to be a Mom and his wife, I couldn't just disappear into "spirit land." I agreed. Well the funny thing was I found myself recognizing in those two and half years, how much God was the same God at my house as he was at Bethel Church.  I began having major encounters with the living God on my living room floor.  I also had the joy of joining a prophetic prayer group of MOMS and wives, who would get together and just love on God, and experience His manifest presence in their home!  One of the biggest things I learned was how much God was real in my home and in my family and in my marriage.  We got to take a lot of great things from Bethel as well, but this was the biggest one for me, we fully took God into our home and our family, no more leaving Him at Church or in the room, or in the prayer group. 

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