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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He amazes me yet again! Communication.

I have always journaled as I learn and grow, and think "some day I would love to write a book to help other Mom's not have to learn things the hard way, or those who don't get to learn at all." But then I started thinking I should start now!  Why hold it in until I have learned EVERYTHING, and then share my "great wisdom" (ha ha).
This was a recent incident that really brought freedom and a load off of my back!

So recently, Daniel my oldest had told me that he didn't like when Papa (dad in Russian) joked when Daniel shared something from the heart.  I took it upon myself to explain this to Ruslan and try to get him to recognize that joking isn't always the best way to make someone else feel at ease, even if it's the way that works for you. So he sort of got it.  But next time it happened again, I realized, "wait I dont' have to be the go between, I need to teach them to communicate to each other." So I called Daniel in and asked him to explain to Ruslan what he meant. He did. Ruslan my husband, heard it better from him than from me.  I recognized that Ruslan probably assumed that I was being oversensitive, but when he heard it from his son's own lips, something shifted in his heart (of which is made of gold) and he saw I wasn't just jumping to conclusions.

It felt so wonderful, to know my place as Mom, is to help bring communication, not to BE the communication.

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