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I love life! I love the multifaceted things about it and about God.  I love to enjoy each day to it's fullest. I love my boys and I love change!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I love His presence, it has become my very essence.
I see heaven it's reaching earth, we thought we were to pull, but I see, it's here, He's here, so near, so near.
Where are the angels, where are they now? I want to see beyond my eyes, I want to see. Open my spirit, open up open up, wake up, wake up, I'm alive, I'm alive! There it is I feel it, it's in my gut its beyond my understanding I can't comprehend it, but I feel it, my spirit longs for Him... leaping and leaping within, ready to explode and implode, yes! I say yes! I must release a sound, I must, I will, I am!
LOUD!! and releasing, breaking, break open, break open, come and see come and see that He is good, He is real, He is near!
Right here! Oh my sweet sweet friend Holy Spirit, so powerful so full, so overwhelmingly everything, I have ever needed.

 I feel complete, with out a need.  So content completely content.
Sweets cannot even tempt me out of this sweet sweet presence. Entertainment is no comparison, it tugs at me as I rest in His presence... I am not interested.
I have found what I've been looking for!!!!!
Wings. I have wings! I'm flapping my wings, I'm flying, flying, flying, new places, new journeys, new revelations, new encounters, new ideas, new inventions, old ideas, good ideas, He has so many ideas! Arrest me for resting, cuz I know it's against our law, but I have found the key, I have found the trick, there is no trick, the truth is, ITS so simple.
He came He died, He rose, we are ALIVE! He lives so that I live! I am alive I am free. He loves me, I love Him, happily ever after, every single second of every single day!

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