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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back From the "South"

Ruslan in front of All Nations Church- Conference

Well we had an amazing time! Time alone together to just be married and in love and then great encounters with God everyday at the conference. Plus a taste of the South.

Bonnie Chavda (Pastor Mahesh's wife) was giving away some free stuff on the first day of the conference and she prefaced this specific book with; "Whoever has a holy spirit filled, powerful, intense wife who drives you crazy, raise your hand!" I pushed on Ruslan quickly and said come one raise your hand, raise your hand! He felt funny and wouldn't do it, so I was bummed, I knew he would have gotten it cuz no one was raising their hands (probably due to the fear of their wives ha ha :)). So then right after that she offers a CD and I shoot my hand up showing my interest, and she looks over my head (so I thought) and says, "That fellow with the glasses." So I am looking over my head behind me and she says, "Next to that crazy woman in the blue who raised her hand." It was Ruslan! I thought it was so funny! So he went up and she ended up prophesying over him and speaking directly into his life. Also God was showing how much He notices Ruslan, it was so awesome!

During the conference I got a complete verbal convicting spanking from the Holy Spirit on the very first day. It's embarassing to say but I found out I am a narcisist and have been focusing waaaaay too much on myself, my agenda, my needs, my blessings, my relationship with God, my calling, my connections, my blah blah blah (it feels so yucky to even write it!) and the list goes on! It was so awesome though because I was able to completely recieve it and hear it. I am asking the Lord to deal with it cuz I have no idea where to start! I know it's a scary prayer but I gave Him permission to humble me.

I did get to give Mahesh my request for a foreward or blurb for my book, but I chickened out a little when talking to him. I didn't exactly explain the content of the letter, I ended up telling him how his book really helped me in my very first 40 day fast (which it did) and that I wrote a book on my experience. Then I mumbled something else (I can't remember exactly) and he opened the letter and saw it was a little more lengthy than what he wanted to read at the moment, so he thanked me and said he would give it to his secretary. I have no idea how it will turn out but atleast he has the letter.

In front of some cute church in Charlotte NC

"Bubba's BBQ" check out those curtains and woodpaneled walls!"

We tried some different local restaurants that were recommended by friends. The first being "Bojangles"-cajun chicken, then "Bubba's BBQ"-not very good pulled pork, potatoe salad,bbq beans, and hushpuppies (deep fried corn bread), then we tried this awesome place "Macs"- it was a biker bar/restaurant it was sooooo good. We had ribs, onion rings, collard greens (thanks Uncle David for the recommendation) and bbq chicken wings, oh and pickled carrots! It was a great experience. "Macs"

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