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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Bodies are Incredible

Our body can even detect a hair the size of an eyelash! I was so tickled and amazed that my body knew that something was out of order on my foot because a hair the size of an eyelash had burrowed it's way beneath my skin and was just sitting there.  My foot began to ache when I walked on it and if I put pressure on that spot. It affected my walking and standing, and could have even affected my back as I began putting pressure to one side, and then my knees as I put more pressure to one side etc... At first I didn't know what it was but when I looked closely I saw what looked like a tiny hair just beneath the skin!  So as my father Alex taught me, I grabbed a needle and started digging in. hee hee. And lo and behold there was a tiny hair and immediately after removing that hair, my foot completely and immediately stopped hurting in that area.

I know there must be a correlation here???  Well my first thought is, my marriage.  I have found that a marriage so needs constant checkups, and daily connection.  I don't even know how some married couples go so long with out interacting on a daily basis.  I have found that for me to function normally I MUST have at least 15 minutes of Ruslan's undivided attention; that does not mean him watching T.V. or a game while I'm talking, there is a STRONG emphasis on UNDIVIDED attention. :)  Of course I prefer more, but I have found if we are in a busy time of life or hectic season, then this sustains me.  But it has to be EVERY day.  I have noticed that if I go with out I start to feel irritated at him, or easily annoyed by the things he does, I feel this tiny ache inside of me (almost unnoticeable the first few days), as if a tiny hair had burrowed it's way into my foot! ;) 

I find that if I am really in tune to my body, emotions, and spirit, I can quickly sense things that are out of order or off a tiny bit. It is so incredible how amazingly our bodies and minds can work together.  I do notice that when I become too busy or distracted it takes me a lot longer to tune in and see the bigger problem or minor problem, like a hair that is throwing everything else off balance.  

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