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Monday, April 4, 2011

Life in General

Well as usual I am onto a new project! I am the dreamer visionary, and am trying to learn to be the "finisher of one thing well (I know that's not exactly grammatically correct-learn more grammar-another project :))."

My latest project is becoming a Eugene Oregon Wedding I am super excited about this and super nervous. Wow to be in charge of one of the most important days to someone, and to portray their perfect picture of what it should look like to them. I am still listening to Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do something everyday that scares you." So I have been researching and finding out about website traffic, and more photography skills, etc, etc, etc... I am loving it!

I am still pursuing the real estate stuff, but that's the less attractive, MORE scary project that I do AFTER I have done the fun stuff. It's so big and different that I am COMPLETELY uncomfortable with it, but I so want to see it work, I am too stubborn to give up on it, plus my sister and I are in this one together, so I CAN'T give it up!

Also in the midst of all this, learning to just be in the moment, not always trying to get done, to get onto the next thing. For example, I am really enjoying doing dishes more, maybe that's a little too enthusiastic...I am learning not to HATE doing the dishes. It is always such a fulfilling feeling to see a clean surface and sparkly kitchen.

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