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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kingdom Living - one pacifier at a time

God delights in my mothering …Reminder to me, and I pass it onto you! God delights in your mothering.

Yesterday I was talking to my Mom about suddenly feeling like maybe I am too selfish focusing on my immediate family so much and not having TIME to reach out beyond my family.  I was feeling a bit guilty (I should have recognized the condemnation right there), like I was maybe fooling myself telling myself that I am in a season of small baby, young kids lots of needs for their “Mama,” and that maybe I am just being selfish and not “reaching the world, the ‘truly’ needy ones…” Well as I voiced it out loud I began to cry and I wasn’t even sure why but I felt the guilt lift and be replaced by truth;  I wasn’t fooling myself and God really is pleased with me focusing on my family.  Mom made a good point, that if everyone would actually take the time to love on their immediate families and give them time, then we wouldn’t have so many hurting needy people in our world. 

So at 3 AM the Lord decided to make clear how much He values mothering.  I smile even as I write this because it tickled me so!  Abi had awoken and was quietly fussing so I blindly reached over, half asleep on my bed (her crib next to my bed) feeling for her “soska”(Russian for pacifier).  I reached by her head, her little sides, all over her blankets, I wasn’t feeling it anywhere…out of nowhere almost audibly so extremely clear,  He said, “It’s under her.”  I was actually startled for a moment, amazed at the clarity of His voice, and yet so excited to see if it really was there!? I reached under her side and there it was! Abi’s soska!  I smiled out loud and fell right back into a sweet sleep. J

The next morning I woke up immediately remembering the incident and again couldn’t hold back my delight.  I had ponder it for a while thinking how God totally, once again, killed my theology, (thinking that He only audibly speaks or shows such clarity when it is something extremely important like life or death or a warning or because we aren’t listening...) so as I write this it hits me again, that is what He was showing me Mothering is EXTREMELY important and He wanted to remind me in a very relatable way and even showing His sense of humor!


  1. That's awesome Jessica!
    I really enjoy reading your blog

    1. Thanks glad it brought you joy. Obviously you know me, but who are you?:) It just says "unknown" I want to know who is enjoying it. :)

  2. Hi honey. What a joy to read this! I was blessed and encouraged, once again, about how the daily flow of our lives is so precious to God, as we look to Him. I LOVE that He spoke to you, and told you where the soska was. I just LOVE that!!!!

  3. This spoke to me in my season of "young baby" as well! Thanks!!

  4. Aw! I love this! How fun! :) God is so sweet and beautiful, isn't He? Love you Jess :)


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