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Friday, July 13, 2012

Why am I doing this????

OK being totally honest... today only 4 days into this cleanse I am asking myself why?????, along with ALL of my boys having to ask forgiveness for being so mad at me for starting us on this cleanse hahaha :(

It amazes me how quickly I forget the purpose of something when I REALLY don't like the affect it is having on me.  Food is such a comfort thing for me as well, so it's messing with my mood, comfort, physical body, attitude etc..I felt like as we started this we would be recognizing other areas in our life where we started becoming lazy or unintentional.  One thing I recognize is that being in a hurry or always thinking of future plans makes me want to skip out on the present.  Not valuing my body or my children's bodies, because I get so caught up in other tasks, goals, fun activities (which isn't bad), bringing hope and truth to "others,"etc... I lose site of what's right in front of me and where most of my focus should be right now, my children and my husband, and God.

Already one of my fears is when we get through the cleanse we will just too quickly jump back into bad habits...So I am trying to form a plan that is realistic and not extreme, but wise as well.  Here are a few new guidelines I have thought of so far:

1- No more processed cereals for breakfast, except maybe weekends we can have granola or frosted shredded wheat (because I found out that even those are not as healthy as I thought - because they are cooked with dry heat and not soaked first to rid the oats of the phytic acid that is really hard for our bodies to digest and inhibits the absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, iron, and zinc ) I know some of this stuff is so overwhelming and ANNOYING, why can't eating just be easy and whatever we want?? :(  Again that's the lazy part of me speaking, I just have to get creative to have a system going so that it doesn't feel like I am always having to do these huge processes for cooking a meal

Profile Picture2 - No more sugary maple syrup on our pancakes or waffles, switch to 100% pure maple syrup (way more expensive :(  )

3 - No more sodas with our Costco hot dogs :(  Which is probably my poverty thinking, but I can't stand to still pay the $1.50 even though we aren't getting the soda too,  cuz it's the same price either way...but as I write that again I see $1.50 is still a GREAT price for a huge hot dog! :)
 You liar POVERTY thinking! so there! :)

4 - candy, pastries, cakes, donuts, WAY less often, starting with once a month???
5- Honey in our coffee instead of sugar which we don't mind that's how we like it unless we re out we were using sugar but then I was noticing how often we were out ordering coffee, oops :)


  1. Haha, that's so funny about your boys :)
    I'm excited you guys are on this journey. I'm glad you are writing about it. It's fun to go through it with you.

  2. Thanks Faithy Lu! I have been inspired by you and Mom and Autumn, to see that I want a more healthy lifestyle, I have been a bit in denial cuz I didn't want to make a HUGE change. But of course once I made the decision I felt so good about it. Did you read the one before this one? Love you, any tips and encouragement are much appreciated!! :)

  3. Hmmmm... I'm thinking that for you to realistically reach the sweets goal you might need to do once a week instead of once a month. As you get better at using your new ingredients and come up with some good substitutes then go down to once a month. Just a thought!
    I'm enjoying your posts. :)

  4. You're doing this for good reasons!! :) Yay for keeping on keeping on!
    I am also enjoying your posts. :)

  5. Leah I totally hear what you are saying and THAT'S exactly the reason I am putting such a high standard on myself because of my weakness. Then when I probably slip and fall and eat something sweet more than once a month, I will still be in a pretty good place, so I have room for 3 slips :)
    I love your input and perspective Leah thanks, keep it coming! Especially because I often need a perspective from the outside of myself.

    Thanks Susan. :)


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