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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let the GAPS begin...

So we decided to go ahead and attempt the introductory diet for it is a pretty intense rigorous change! It is 30 days.  I have come to a place of being willing to face how unhealthy I have been allowing my family to live.  As you read in my last post, I was starting to notice the sweets problem, but I was still in denial to how far I had drifted from the things I know about eating healthy and being intentional. For one thing I have recognized how much easier it is to just pretend (because of ignorance) that "white flour isn't THAT bad for me, or sugar only affects my teeth but I brush them often, so that's fine" etc... 

But as I heard once before, once you decide something wholeheartedly it's easy to stick to it, it's the deciding that's the hard part.  That is so true, and once I finally decided to face my habits realistically and how it affects my children and my husband too, then I started to become excited about getting back to the basics.  This first stage is VERY extreme because it's healing the actual gut and bringing health back to the intestine so that it functions properly and actually is able to use ALL the nutrients in the foods you give it. 

I decided to blog because I want to encourage others how it is possible to get healthy even if you have been off track for a long time, or maybe you aren't even aware of the affect of some of the things you put in your body, etc...but most of all to keep myself accountable and to remember WHY I am doing this! Already on day 2 I was asking myself why, cuz for the first few days or so it's intense with the detoxing, it makes you feel like it must be wrong! :)

Feel free to ask questions in the comments section, and I will slowly be filling you in on why this process and what it benefits, and symptoms we are hoping to rid ourselves of, one major one for me is lack of energy, I am looking forward to having consistent energy

About to roast the nuts we soaked all night, aren't they a pretty color

Here is our new fridge makeover LOTS of veggies, chicken broth made from boiling chicken (preferably organic) BONE-IN, for atleast 8 hrs. to release all those needed nutrients that are in the bone

Abi is the only one along with me who was excited about starting this :)

Out with the old (anything processed)

Day 2 the "die off" of toxins and bad flora in the gut... I myself felt all shaky and weak and strangely enough giggly in a sort of uncontrollable sort of way, our bodies are interesting :)

 We HAD to empty the cupboards. Already on our second day Joel is rummaging through the cupboards hoping to find SOMETHING he can snack on besides meat, veggies, fruit and nuts
This is day 2 in the morning,  the boys were really starting to feel the detoxing happening. I NEVER thought I would see Joel with out energy and not gobbling up his eggs


  1. This is great. love it. Bless you all

  2. Thanks Diane I need all the reminders I can get, that this is a good thing ;)

  3. Yay! I'm happy you're blogging! I am really considering doing this. It is funny to see Ian and Joel like that. This is inspiring me... maybe I'll start tomorrow!


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