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Thursday, March 25, 2010


This last week I felt like the Lord specifically asked me to lay aside all things that were not necessities and to just focus fully on Him, my husband, and my boys... so I did. Basically what that looked like for me was being willing to put more focus on God and my family than "my projects" which are like a continual train speeding through the tracks of my mind returning very consistently and on time, and I'm the passenger never wanting to MISS that train! Therefore, it is not always a good thing, because sometimes those dreams and desires (which are good) turn into feeling like I have so much to accomplish, that I can't even function in my normal life which includes:
Laundry, dishes, cooking, playing with the boys, homeschooling, time with my husband, down time, reading, college, homework, housecleaning, grocery shopping, training my children, etc...

So to say the least it was very refreshing to just refocus and get back in line. What I found was the freedom to know that I am of the personality and character that I will probably always get tempted to "over busy" myself but I just need to remain willing to hear when the Lord or my husband is asking me to slow down and re-assess my priorities. Knowing how to get back on track not feeling condemned for getting off track, and remembering I can use the breaks anytime. Also realizing I don't need to accomplish all the ideas in one day or work on all of them in one day, one step at a time, one project at a time, one day at a time. Thanks for the reminder Lord.

Sometimes you need to be willing to just enjoy the moment, and to be able to laugh at yourself, even when you fall through the chair!


  1. Hey Jessica...great blog. Love the picture of the fountain. Did you take that? It was so good to see you at RTL the other day. Sorry we didn't get to chat!

  2. I loved the part about not feeling condemned for getting off track in the first place. Condemnation is enough to keep me on the wrong track for awhile. I like the idea of letting go of the fact that I got my priorities out of whack and just taking them back without all the unproductive, condemning emotions to go with it! Thanks for the good reminder!


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