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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“What else am I here for?”

Today we took our first step back into HOME SCHOOLING for this year. I have home schooled for 4 years now and by no means have mastered it. But, one thing is for certain, I understand again and again how much I want to be a part of my children’s lives. That’s not to say you can only be a part of their lives if you home school, that’s just what I have felt led to do personally. I was reading this article online and I was so stirred with excitement, if we could all take a hold of this and run with it how different would our society be. Of course I don’t mean that we would have to be so extreme (running off and leaving our husband’s to learn how to train our children, we need the fathers too!). But that we would understand how valuable our role is as PARENT first, then our role as: doctor, travel agent, dentist, president, missionary, engineer, mechanic, world changer, etc…

(This is the article, it really encouraged me!)

“In fact, no other educationalist has had even a small percentage of the influence that Rousseau has had. People who fell under his spell in the fashionable world, such as Princess Galitzin of Russia, abandoned society to take their children off to some remote area where they could devote all their time and resources to their parental duties. Refined mothers retired from the world and sometimes even left their husbands so that they could learn the classics, mathematics, science, and anything else that might enable them to teach their children themselves. 'What else am I here for?' they asked. And the sense that raising their children was the most important obligation for any person kept spreading.

No matter how extreme the methods Rousseau had suggested, he still would have people following him, because he happened to touch a nerve that affected the hearts of many people. He was one of the few educationalists who appealed to parental instincts. He never said, 'There's no hope that we can rely on parents, so we'll have to work on the children without them!' That's the kind of disheartening, pessimistic thing we say today. Instead, Rousseau basically said, 'Parents, this task is yours, and you're the only ones who can do it. It's up to you, parents of small children, to be the saviors of the next thousand generations of children. Nothing else matters. All the schemes that people work so hard at are nothing compared to this one serious business of raising our children to be superior to ourselves.”


  1. Just read your blog. So glad you're feeling inspired as you begin the school year. We've had a good start but I find I need to give myself pep talks from time to time! Yours was a good one! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  2. Yes, let us continue to share 'pep talks' as your friend Ashley dubbed them. We need them at least once a week!! LOL


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