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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bread or no bread??

So we have shifted into "normal life" and are talking about what that looks like. Whether or not to add bread and grains back at all? Organic milk or no milk? To soak or not to soak?
Here's where we are:

2 Special Occasions a month at someone else's house or event - one serving of dessert or treat

1 special sweets occasion at home once a month

2 special coffees (full on sweetners whip cream the works! :)) unless we already did 2 special occasions then only 1

2 eat outs at Costco (my boys favorite lunch ) NO soda

Sprouted bread from Trader Joes or my homemade whole wheat or spelt bread SOAKED.  Which means you start the process the day before adding the water and some sort of kefir, apple cider vinegar, or lemon juice to the dough and you let it soak all night then finish the process the next day. It breaks down the phytic acid and breaks down the grain so that our bodies can digest it sooooo much better, and receive more of what the grain has to offer, that is now free to be absorbed into our bodies. YAY!

No more breakfast cereal for breakfast. :(  Such an easy thing, that's why I've always loved it so much for the kids. Almost all cereals have been treated with such an intense pressure or heat to form the little flakes or shapes that they are it actually makes them toxic let alone lost all of it's original nutrients, that can only be restored by adding the vitamin supplements AFTER, as a supplement to the cereal which is never as nutritious as the original living nutrients. :(

Our beautiful array of color in the window seal! Kefir water flavored, plain, granules, and a basil plant. :)

A coconut flower blackberry crumble pie, using our wild blackberries growing like crazy near our house

Soaked Quinoa patties! They were actually quite good, but for some reason I can't convince Ian to like quinoa
We have tried a few new recipes lately and enjoyed them. Tonight I have some dough soaking for bread tomorrow, and oatmeal soaking with milk kefir to eat for breakfast. It's been interesting to find out with the NEED to think in advance for all the soaking, thawing meats, preparing broths, that it has actually helped ease the planning of daily meals. I am so happy about that. BUT the negative is, if you don't plan ahead atleast a day, then you are in BIG trouble cuz there are hungry kids asking 100 times what they can eat and there is nothing EASY to just hand to them, and I am too tired to COOK anything!! aggggg!!!! So yes, there are those days, but we are still learning and I am still so excited to be feeling so much more energy and ability to fight off things that are in the air, like this latest bug that had some people sick for a few days, I could literally feel my body kicking into gear and fighting it off, and I only felt extra sleepy for a few days instead of out for the count! I was so excited. 

Oh and one of you, asked about preserving your water kefir granules.  Here's how:

So much good information out there!

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  1. Doing awesome little sistah! I love you. Oh and what kind of kefir is that on the far left that is so yellow? (just kidding...I know it's dishsoap.)


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