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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freedom From Religious Thinking

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I am reading this book called, Sheparding Your Child's Heart, and something that struck me like a slap in the face, was this thing called determinism.  Basically it's the understanding that "if I raise my children in the right atmosphere, and protect them from enough bad stuff, and keep them isolated from "bad things" then they will turn out just right (paraphrased)." But what that is truly teaching is the child has no choice in his life, and no consequences to learn from and also doesn't believe he/she can make a good decision about life.  So in fact in almost can cripple the child from growing and maturing.  The truth is we are to train up a child in truth and be real and explain things to them about "real life" and walk through life WITH them, not just preaching to them about God but living out what we are believing, and teaching them how God walks with them daily in everything that they do: playing xbox, computer, watching T.V., playing outside, being at school etc...The gospel is real and powerful enough to lead them to truth, it is not our job to CONVINCE them that God is the way.  The Holy Spirit woos, we plant the seeds and show them how real He is in our lives.

So our job to protect them is to be there WHEN bad things happen or hard things, and to have a healthy form of  talking through, praying, working together through a hard situation, a child never has to later work themselves out of traumatic situations as an adult that were never dealt with in child hood. For me that was SO FREEING because I thought I needed to protect them from EVER getting hurt period. How exhausting and fear filling! Sheesh!


  1. I love this blog and this one is sooo good! Congrats on the new baby, it's exciting!!! So many people are pregnant here! Last week Bradley waited so long to take out the garbage that maggots crawled out onto the floor. So, he spent an hour cleaning that all up, and I tried not to scream. Despite what you might think, they are quite fast! Cause and effect for sure!!! Love you and miss you

  2. Thanks Jenn, you are such an encourager and I so appreciate it. That is crazy about the trash, nasty, I hate maggots! :)

  3. Awesome revelation, that does feel freeing. Love you lots! Keep up the good mom-ing :)

  4. This is so good Jessica. So true. Your kids are very blessed to have you know this and be the good momma that you are. :)


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