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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Isaiah 60

The Glory of Zion
1 "Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.
2 See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the LORD rises upon you

and his glory appears over you.

I feel God moving quickly! I have this feeling inside of me that I must have more of Him, now! I feel like I know He is doing stuff, but I am not hearing as clearly as I'd like.

I could fully relate to Pastor Bill Johnson's word that I need to get my priorities in check and that I must lay aside things that hold me back. I must be willing to quiet myself and be still. I do not want to miss what God is doing. It's not even fear that I feel, but this longing to be a part of what He is doing. The best part is, I know He wants me to be a part of it!

So now the question is how? How do I focus while my darling little Joel (16 months) comes right in my face, as I am laying before the Lord, chirping "Hi. Hi. Hi!" I have found that he is willing to just lay on me, or be lifted up on my legs as I do leg lifts for a ride, while I am praying or worshiping. It is awesome because Joel is receiving as well, and I want him to be familiar with setting aside time for the Lord.

Then Ian (4yrs) bursts in needing his pants buttoned and zipped, so I do it, and continue on. Daniel asks if he can play a game, I give him his time and release him... back to worship. I am finding that God knows I have children, they are not a burden, or holidng me back, they are a part of all that I am doing, learning, hearing etc...They are the reason God wants to show me so much, how else would I leave a legacy, they are the legacy!

Daddy teach me to impart to my children all that you show me, teach me to be at ease and trust Your ways. I don't want prayer to be a boring religious ritual that my children endure! I want them to know what a Mighty, Powerful, Exciting, FUN, God You are!


The other day I was so excited because I felt this burst of excitement for new things when we were about to have our family prayer. So I said, "OK Lord, show me how to not be too serious in getting the kids to join in, I don't want to be religious!"

So the boys were sitting on stools (a story for another time) and Daniel started making a low playful screaming sound, Ian joined in, I joined in, and then Ruslan joined in. There we were in our living room roaring all together! It started out low and grew to a steady shout. Then afterwards Ian said, "OK, lets all scream "freedom" together!" I agreed, 1,2,3...FREEEEEEEEDOM! It boomed out of our mouths! It was a riot!

Afterward, I explained that that was a form of prayer. Sometimes I feel a deep cry coming from my stomach and it wells up and I don't feel release until I scream! They were pretty excited about that.

New things. We are trying to let God do what He wants to do, we don't want to be left out!


  1. good word Jessica!! It's so good to hear about the new levels of freedom you are experiencing!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. How Fun! I can feel the excitement reading this.

  3. This is awesome! You're on a really good track.


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