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Monday, May 4, 2009

What do I do first????

I wanted to let you know what it means to become a follower of my blog, so you are not worried about spam or signing up for something you have no idea what it is.....SO here is the link click on it or paste it into your address bar and it explains what it means to be a "follower." I would love to have you on my fan list. Love you all! Oh and I love comments!

So anyway! Right now I am in the middle of figuring out which project to be working on???? Maybe you have some suggestions?
- I am needing to finish my book about my experience with the fasting, I have it all written I just need to finish editing and then formatting.
-I also have a children's book that I need to find a graphics design person who can help me for very cheap :( Or maybe I should just try printing it as is???

-I am wanting to exhibit my photographs in May's arthop here in Redding in June, so I need to order and pick some photos for that!???

-I need to make some connections for my life shirts. Actually I need $295.00 (once again money??) to become a member of Catholic Marketing Network so I can send out a postcard or something to see if any Christian bookstores want to carry my shirts.

- I need creative ways to make these things happen when I don't have the money yet?
-I need to figure out better marketing ideas for our Travel Agency Kairos Travel
-I want to finish the illustrations for my second children's book

So as you see I have a lot on my mind, now all I need is focus and a plan. Which thing first and focus- do it til its done! Sheesh!

Also Homeschooling and being a wife and mother of 3! I love being busy but I need order, I want to be a good steward of what we already have. I see ideas brewing and I feel motivation and excitement now I need order order order. I would love any suggestions. I know some of you out there are extremely talented in this area that I lack.


  1. I don't know what you should do. But, I wanted to leave you a comment! :) I do love how you are always doing stuff like that though. All these projects. Way to go. I pray that you would receive wisdom and revelation for this moment in time and all your projects.

  2. Thanks Susan for the comment and prayer of encouragement. I don't know if you will ever read this reply to your comment, but here it is.

  3. are you wanting to publish the book yourself or find a bublisher/ literary agent that will promote you? I found a self publishing site that is not outragious, I think they also offer editing support. It involves needing money again but hey, we cannot bankrupt God.

  4. I know how you feel, so many ideas, so many avenues to pursue and how to do it all, or even just to choose which one and when!
    I love you girl, you are amazing. Ask God to show you, he will!


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